Save your seat for the FREE LIVE Training How to turn your knowledge into a structured, profitable group coaching program in as little as 7 days without complicated tech
Save your seat for the FREE LIVE Training How to turn your knowledge into a structured, profitable group coaching program in as little as 7 days without complicated tech

Creating Sustainable Businesses

(with possibilities and opportunities). It’s yours today!




What are you missing? Here is a checklist (The Freedom Checklist) to remind you of what it takes to achieve ‘choice’ is possible for you too. 

Group learning

Individual support

Experienced coach

Rediscover your freedom

Stop being tied to your desk helping one person at a time.


Get back your time and work-life balance whilst increasing your sales and productivity.


With the same amount of work you could be earning triple the amount of income.


Make a difference to many more, don’t be held back by exchanging time for money.


Life has more meaning when your efforts produce results. Keep things simple.


Surround yourself with a supportive community that you can trust and have fun with.

Meet sabine

Hi, I’m Sabine. Let me show you how to transition YOUR business from 1:1 sessions to group coaching sessions.

I started She Momentum, and developed The Freedom Club, to provide guidance and support for women who are simply wanting to build a business that fits in with their life, giving purpose and flexibility to work from wherever they choose.

I find true joy and purpose in helping women who have given years to others – to their children, husband, job and community – to realise that their time is now and that creating their ideal future is more than possible.

It’s your time to build a business that can help you live the life of purpose you dream of, making a true difference in people’s lives while also finding fulfilment in every single day of your own life.

I’m here to help you believe in your success.

It’s not too hard, it’s not too late and you’re never too old! ***** Tech doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, we make it feel easy! ***** You don’t need to be a marketing guru, you just need to be able to build relationships. ***** Being a pro speaker is not essential when you can connect with people.

You really can live a life of purpose, have financial security and independence AND live life on your own terms!

Join the group coaching evolution and move your business into the future

Business growth strategies

Step-by-step guides

On-Going Mentoring

is this for you?

You love what you do but you know you're capable of more.

You're looking for a better way to make more of an impact

Work-life balance is hard when you're in business alone but you know it's posible

You know there are other ways to do business and make life easier, you just need to know how

You have so many questions and overwhelm is real.

You're motivated, you just need to know that the next step is the right one.

You have big dreams but you’re not sure where or how to start… You’re in the right place


Get your free starter kit and take your first steps on your journey to freedom. 

Planning is crucial when transitioning your business…

How do you build a business with ease and clarity, allowing you to live your life your way?  Sounds cliche right?

Sure, there are some things that you need to do in business that may not excite you like planning, but what if I told you that that could be fun too???

Do you realise it is possible to plan a business and enjoy the process? That you don’t need to follow a strict structure or format. Planning is meant to be creative and fun. It’s about you being you and showing your personality.

So… what does it take?

It takes for you to think BIG! Create a vision and get excited.

It takes for you to put aside time to plan. Just like planning a holiday with stopovers and connecting the dots between here and there. 

Then, it takes action. 

Your time is now!

Click the button below to download the FREE report on how to ditch the grind and  transition to group work in as little as 7 days. Now you can impact more people and free up your time.

freedom success stories

"I've been struggling to gain momentum in my new business, I simply had too much on my mind. Sabine was definitely persistent in getting the basics right from the beginning. Now I am absolutely clear on my direction, my message, my program, I'm getting new clients AND I can take time off to spend it with my grand kids, guilt free. "
Michele Marie
“I'm embarrassed to say how many times I've tried to get the mess out of my head and into some kind of order but Sabine asked me loads of questions, put it all on a whiteboard and made me see it completely differently. I don't know how to do her justice, She is simply a magician on the whiteboard.”
Nadine Beveridge
“Sabine has been really helpful, with strategies for organisation and planning, as well as being very generous with great new ideas making the process of being a business owner and Mum much more rewarding. I'm very grateful, thank you .”
Kylie Willem

Now is YOUR time to take control of your business, your time and your income in a way that actually works for you!

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