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About Me

Throughout my life, I have met many women who are feeling lost and confused about their direction. As I have moved through my own life, and experienced my own crossroads, it has become my goal to help women find their purpose, and use it to live a life of freedom and independence.

I now live by my mission, to help women live their dream life through building a thriving business of their own.

I know better than anyone that business is not a one size fits all gig. Everyone is an individual and your business needs to fit your personality and your life.

And so I developed The Freedom Playbook, designed to take you step-by-step through a tried and true process of developing a plan for creating your ideal business, using the skills, knowledge and background that makes you unique.

Here’s where it all started…

The ‘family’ business and (no) control

I started my first business at 17 then three aligned businesses at 21, 22 and 25. I was a successful business woman and felt free and excited for the future.

That was when I met Matt, the builder. I was 110% committed. I shut down my businesses and we started a construction company. I even studied building design.

Then came the day when Matt could no longer build – he needed a change in career.

The problem was, he was the business.

Reality hit – If Matt changed careers, what was I going to do?

I was at a crossroads.

I realised I was dependent on him.

I realised I was not in control of my own life.

I felt lost.

I needed to rediscover myself, find my space and take control of my future.

The conversation that changed everything

Whilst picking up my kids from school I asked another mother (let’s call her Helen) what she would do when the children grew up.

She replied, “I don’t know… I’m a frustrated lawyer, I should have studied but it’s too late now”.

She couldn’t have been older than 40.

I’ll never forget the sadness and regret in her voice.

In that moment I made a decision to offer guidance and support to women in order to help them become the person they truly want to be – and realise that it’s never too late. 

But first, I had to start with me…

I immersed myself in studying every aspect of business, but noticed there was always a missing piece.

It was through much trial and error that I was finally able to create a step-by-step process that gave me real clarity on what I needed to do in order to grow a business successfully. 

A complete yet simple system for developing a business plan that eliminates time wasting, doubt, confusion and removes the stress of running a business. A Master Model for business that gives direction and focus on what to do, where to go next and how.

It's your time

I have poured everything I’ve learnt from masters of business,
and from my own experience, into this program.

Join me on a journey to your future.

It’s your time to build a life of financial independence,
freedom of time and to choose to live life on your own terms.
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